Create Your Own Spam-Filtered Contact Form

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We provide free SMS spam filtering for service businesses, independent professionals, and ordinary people who want to create a text message contact form and receive text messages from the general public on their cell phones, without having to give out their cell phone numbers or text messaging addresses. Our advanced text message spam filtering results in a dramatic reduction in spam messages.

How dramatic? Well, we don't guarentee that you'll never receive SMS spam. But because of the way it's written, our software is very difficult for spambots to get around; so we're confident that it will defeat the vast majority of spambots, with a very low incidence of false positives.

Our service creates an SMS Contact Form for you, which you are then free to link from your Web site (including social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc.). Users who wish to send you a message can do so through the Web form without knowing your cell phone number. This helps protect your private cell phone number. We've designed our service around the needs of on-call professionals who have Web sites and need to be available 24/7 to respond to their clients' needs, but anyone is welcome to sign up.

As a tip: If you own a BlackBerry Smartphone and want to avoid texting altogether, but still use your mobile device to communicate with co-workers and other BlackBerry users, is another convenient, spam-free option.

Who Can Benefit from this Service?

Basically, anyone who is in a business or profession that requires around-the-clock availability, or anyone else who wants other people to be able to send them spam-filtered text messages via the Web. For example:

In short, anyone who wants to make themselves available to others using text messages is a candidate for Spam Free Text Messaging.

How Much does it Cost?

For now, it's free. Once we get through Beta testing, we'll decide whether we also want to offer a paid version with additional features.

Interested? Please click here to learn about how our service works, or here if you've read enough and are ready to sign up .