How Spam-Free Text Messaging Works

Spam-Free Message Form Once you create your personal SMS contact form, you simply place a link to the form on your Web site, AIM profile, or social networking page (MySpace, Facebook, etc.). Friends, potential clients, or others who wish to contact you simply fill in the form fields and click the "Submit" button, and the message is sent to your cell phone.

But before the message is sent, it's put through a series of proprietary scripts that check every message to see if it looks like robotically-generated spam. Spammy messages are silently discarded, and only the ones that pass all the tests are ever sent.

What About Privacy of my Cell Phone Information?

One of the best things about our service is that your personal information stays private. Visitors don't have to know your real name, your cell phone number, or your text address to send you a message. All of that information is safely stored on our server and doesn't appear anywhere on the contact form, so people can send you text messages without knowing your information. In addition, spambots can't harvest your cell phone information.

You also can turn the service off when you don't want to be interrupted, and turn it back on whenever you like. Once registered, you can log into your account at any time if you need to change your e-mail address, text message address, or display name, or to turn the service on and off. When it's turned off, your form page will display a message that you are not accepting messages.


In order to use our service, your phone, PDA, pager, or other wireless device must be capable of receiving text messages that are sent as e-mail. (Virtually all of them are, but many subscribers don't know this.) If you don't know your phone's e-mail address, you can call your provider or click here to let our robot try to find it for you.

You also have to subscribe to your cell carrier's text messaging service. Usually, text messaging is automatically enabled when you open the account, but most plans charge a fee for every message received (usually $0.15 or $0.25) unless you purchase a plan that includes a certain number of messages. To be clear, these fees are charged by the cell carriers, not by us.

Incidentally, it was the per-message fees that prompted us to create the in-house program that was the seed for this service. Getting spam text messages on a cell phone is bad enough. Having to pay for spam text messages is intolerable. They're not only an invasion of privacy, but we have to pay for them, as well!

Still interested? Good! Please click here to try to learn your cell phone's e-mail address, or here if you already know it and are ready to sign up for Spam-Free Text Messaging .